Indigenous Art   

Working with Indigenous communities to revive their ancient craftsmanship as sustainable solutions for retailers  and designers. 


Creative Enterprise workshops in craftsmanship, technology and employment skills for opportunities in the Fashion & Design Industry. 


Developing a women's brand using the principles of indigenous art, 

collaborating with the communities & Designers. 

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#Justicefornoura : Aiming to support the healing of abused, traumatized and Isolated girls and women with crafts enterprise workshops. 

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Art Restoration from Museums to engage  a new economic culture centered around craftsmanship

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Heritage Rights for Kenya's traditional woven baskets. Made from the Sisal plant and has great symbolism. Advocating to keep them handmade in Kenya rather than manufacturing to drive culture and enterprise, at the intersection of education and employment. Vicky is working with these three single mothers to produce Kenyan British heritage brand.

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Vicky started a promising career in Fashion then was crowned a Beauty Queen where her journey to 'saving the world' began. She has spent the last 10 years engaging in social impact and sustainability projects and is now recognized as an Emerging Leader and Sustainable Development Goals Talent on major international development platforms like  Unleash, Atlantic Dialogues and The Paris Peace Forum.  Professionally she project managed The Creative Conscience Awards, guiding creative students how to implement social impact and sustainability into their ideas. Her personal triumph as single mother greatly influenced the use of craftsmanship and technology to provide and incorporate education for her child using the environment. She drives this to communities from her East African roots and campaigns to include indigenous people and principles in mainstream Fashion and Design. As a result, the industry gains easy ethical and sustainable solutions that have existed for centuries. 

Fashion is her demonstration of this diplomatic exchange, by developing her collection.  

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